janvier 1, 2019

The Mad Professor Posts: Fri, 21 November , You can always change your theme. How To Search geekhack. ESR in coupling capacitors is also very important as the ideal capacitor is no capacitor but that pesky DC won’t allow us not to have one , so the lower the ESR we can get the better.

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Birmingham – Not Alabama Fire sale is happening. I haven’t seen anyone touch the Wimas before, but I’m glad I did! It was ruined before you even put it up there with your decrepit fingers. Dissipation Factor is usually rated at Hz and naturally increases non-linearly with frequency, but in audio coupling caps which these Elna RJ3’s are acting as a high DF can reduce the output at audible frequencies so I tested higher. Here’s what my stock caps were:

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All caps received extra insulation with Kapton tape where they contact any other components C56 got more as it almost touches the tube socket leads. I’ve only got 8 hours on them so far, it’s hard to do a back to back comparison when it took so long to do the swap. As for burn-in, at about 18 hours I could increase the gain back up to 6dB and have less harshness than 8 hours at 0dB gain.


Moving on up to 10KHz tells us how well the cap will behave in the middle of our audible range, and the stock cap has decided that we don’t need 3. Norway Just one more thing. Stock EH works well, but I want better!

bifrost h4ck-mks v2.0

Lexmark Model M Keyboard of the Month – August – Vote Quote from: I don’t think I will need the extra power the uber provides as the magni 1 is already too powerful, and I don’t have a use for preamping at the moment. Sun, 09 November I guess I should make a thread in the classified if there is interest? In total I was probably hours, but a lot of that was measurement, documentation, and doing final fitment of the Silmics and modifying the RCA jumper connectors.

bifrost h4ck-mks v2.0

Hey, where’s the Wimas!: Are your eyes bleeding? About 24 hours or so from what I’ve read. So, of the new releases what I really want is the magni 2. With that in mind, would anyone consider buying my stack at a reduced price? Moving on to the Dissipation Factor, however I clearly need a better tube than the stock EH, but the sound is silky smooth and instruments have nice placement.

Official Geekhack Public Defender. Birmingham – Not Alabama Fire sale is happening. Keen to see the improvements!


Dry cracked yellow tongue hiv – The nutcracker remix dubstep maker

Please login or register. Pretty badass form factor, IMO. It all sounds great to me but someone who can hear better than me just about anyone bifrowt think it sounds horrible.

I have a Topping DX7, this bad boy’s size is great and can basically handle almost all the headphones with a nice balance sound.

Acknown3 on Wed, 18 June Right now, raspy voices still have a bit of an edge. The Mad Professor on Fri, 21 November I’m not an audiophile with a bunch of testing tracks and fancy vocabulary, but I do try to hear differences.

I’m tempted to get an amp to make my setup look a bit cleaner. In my searches through the Head-Fi thread I’ve seen some questions about what the stock caps actually are. Shoot an email to the folks over at Schiit, they seem to be super helpful and nice.

I haven’t seen anyone touch the Wimas before, but I’m glad I did! They should arrive tomorrow!